Yuva Seva Sangh









True friend of Youngsters

Those who take interest in selfless service, they progress in life.
Whether materialistic advancement or spiritual growth,
Without selfless service it is not possible.

-Pujya Bapuji.




  • To play a role of true trail-blazer and admirable friend.
  • To enhance the qualities like self control, morality, ethics, selfless service, bravery, will power and so on, in younger generation.
  • To involve the youngsters in various divine and selfless services organized by Ashram and thus contribute to the nation’s progress.
  • To make youths responsible towards family, society and the nation and trustworthy citizen.
  • After studying the dogma and principles of Indian culture, modern scientists are surprised by their scientific and rational logic. Thus to understand such a great Indian Culture and to facilitate in spreading this immense knowledge.
  • With the help of “Yuva Seva Sangh”, tread on the ultimate path of Self-Realization by doing selfless service.


  • Yuva Seva Sangh being organized by youngsters initiated By His Divine Holiness Bapuji.
  • To enhance the capability to face problems and troubles with forbearance, patience and bravery.
  • To avail the beneficial Satsang-Pravachan (spiritual wisdom) of His Divine Holiness Bapuji and other great leaders.
  • Yuva Utthan Shivir (Youths upliftment camps), Various services for the overall personality development of the youths and avail guidance for the enthusiastic youngsters.
  • To develop the hidden talent in youths with the help of “Sanskar Sabha” (Sacrament assembly/get-together).
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