Impeccable Forecast by the Great Spiritual Guru

November 18, 2009 Comments off

Param Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu: “I said many years back, that I want to see India as a superpower. It’s 2007 now, in 2010 there would be such rays from the sun that would damage your TV mobile. Then India would become a superpower in 2011. TV and mobile have also lowered human values, these all would be damaged. There would be such rays from the sun that would vanish all the satellite systems. Radio, communication systems, mobile all will come to a stand still. Humans will go back into the age of Satyug. Nature will create the environment of superpower. Scientists are saying this, that in 2010 there is possibility of such sun rays. I said it is good. Background for us is being created. Whatever kids (scientists) discover is ok. If he (Bapuji) wills then God also adapts accordingly. It is said that if he (Bapuji) wills then dead also becomes alive. So if a will comes to make India a superpower then God and Nature also adapts accordingly. If you don’t want it for yourself then it’s done. Anyone can take the fame. You take the fame. Anyone who brings something for me, I give him back. Samiti can take the fame. It organizes and do everything. I don’t do anything. Don’t do anything right now. No prayer, meditation nothing. Keep sitting like this. Rest….. One bapu has shaken whole India and whole world. Where is such kind of Bapu in any other country? Do you get bapu like this in any other country? Was there Lila shah Bapu in other countries? Was there Nanak bapu? Was there Kabir bapu? In this country only they are. Who can take to God.”

Aura of Pujya Gurudev

Scientific Findings related to above Forecast:,2933,478024,00.html

Gurudev satsang, Subtitles: I was a deity once. I was a sage once…many purans still contain my stories. This is 70th time I have come to earth.

Even if God or saint bless you to get beneficial things still that thing won’t stay forever. Only their knowledge will stay forever. That the beneficial and adverse both are dreams. Through which they are seen (felt) is our eternal immortal soul. This is the highest knowledge.

Don’t be slave of your wish. In whichever thing you feel attachment is there distribute or donate that thing.

If you have fear of death go to graveyard and see to those who are dying and tell your self that this is death.

Whatever road blocks you face in coming towards God either remove them or ignore them. Don’t consider roadblocks as roadblocks.

In every situation equanimity yoga should be done. and
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